Posted on Nov 14, 2019

DeMotte Architects

Refining Modular Homes with Customization...
This is a custom modular house that we were involved in to redesign both the interior & exterior before being built. One of the homeowners had a severely compromised immune system due to Lyme disease & could not live in a “typical” new house due to many materials that would be highly toxic to them… everything from the chemicals the products are made with, to the off-gassing that occurs once they’re installed. The house also couldn’t be “stick built” since the framing would be exposed to water which might lead to mold issues, so a customized modular home with well sorted VOC free materials was the best solution.

#FunFact: Architects do so much more than just provide a pretty design, we provide customized home solutions bringing together a timeless design with modern technology. Learn more:

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